The Tiny Star

Written by Mem Fox / Published by Puffin 2019


A beautiful and charming story about the journey of life by bestselling author Mem Fox. Illustrated by the talented Freya Blackwood.

Once upon a time, although this happens all the time, a tiny star fell to earth . . .
This touching and timeless story combines, for the first time, the talents of world-renowned author Mem Fox with the heartwarming illustrations of Freya Blackwood. These two luminaries craft a truly unique and moving story about the journey of life, to be cherished and shared for generations to come. 


Books and Publishing review

Individually, a new book by either Mem Fox or Freya Blackwood, both award-winners and bestselling children’s book creators, would be welcomed by their readers. This book combines the two, with a very gentle and touching story from Fox about the journey of life illustrated with Blackwood’s inimitable, stunning illustrations. The simple and beautiful story about the cycle of life is told with the utmost tenderness and involves the reader in the journey of a loving family as the narrative follows life’s adventures from beginning to end and beyond. Fox has written over 30 books and this extraordinary addition to her body of work will be treasured by readers. The superb illustrations in The Tiny Star extend the text and highlight the emotions shared by the people in the story. In the most heartfelt way, they invite closer involvement by readers who will want to go back through the pages again. Blackwood’s choice of palette enhances the gentle light, capturing the warmth and complexity of the story. The loves that shines from each page is almost palpable. Babies grow, children play, adults care deeply as they experience immense happiness and grief, and all this is portrayed in the beautiful illustrations. Highly recommended, especially for families to share.

Review by Margaret Hamilton.