The Great Rabbit Chase

Written by Freya Blackwood / Published by Scholastic Press in 2016


A joyously simple celebration of community spirit and the warmth and humour to be found in everyday moments. We follow adorable Gumboots in his scampering escape into the neighbourhood and are joined along the way by a host of colourful local characters all intent on tracking down the cheeky rabbit.

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Reading Time review

Through a seemingly simple storyline about a little girl trying to catch her rabbit, Blackwood creates a layered tale with engaging illustrations and meaningful details.  John, the lonely zebra crossing man, enjoys an afternoon chat with friends.  The busy man in the suit takes a moment to wade in the creek.  Mrs Finkel’s crinkles unwrinkle when her baby nods off for a nap.  And with a subtle touch of humour, Mum races around town fresh out of the shower and still wrapped in a towel.  All thanks to a little rabbit on a mission. And what a lovely mission he’s on. But there will be no spoiler here. It’s well worth a read to find out where Gumboots is going in such a hurry.

Freya Blackwood has created a warm and gentle story about community and simple, everyday moments in this charming picture book for children aged three and up. This is the first picture book both written and illustrated by this award-winning children’s book author and illustrator and it’s a pure delight.

Reviewed by Stephanie Ward